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Performance Improvement Program

We offer our clients a service that will help them to improve their performance. This service is based on the information gathered from different sports technology equipment we use, and will be conducted in person or remote through online consultation. The programming will take our clients' performance to the next level.


Our company utilizes different technologies to assess workloads, recovery, etc, in order to determine accurate working zones in the different domains that will traduce in better outputs and performance improvements.


In order to get the best response to training with the less amount of stress possible, we provide a monitoring training service that will allow our clients access in real time to data regarding their physical and physiological response.

What we offer?


We use different means to keep contact and give constant feedback to our customers via email, phone calls, video chat, etc.

Video analysis

We believe that every movement matters. Based in this premise we also incorporate constant feedback about video analysis to improve every aspect possible.

International Coverage

We will provide services worldwide through technology that would allow us to do so. We are looking to fulfill the needs of athletes around the globe.

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We are a company dedicated to the improvement and complement of the Chilean and South American sports world. An organization of excellence, based on knowledge management, which has the incentive to innovate through advanced technology the analysis and development of the performance of the athlete.

At ST Control we have a team of highly qualified associates, with ethics and a great experience and a network of relationships and contacts in the sports area. ST Control aims to be a top of the line company in innovation, development, optimization and data analysis of athlete’s performance and all their extend, trainings and official competitions.

Through state of the art technology and with objective measurements we help our customers to get the results they are looking for. The company looks forward to be a trustworthy leader and a chosen supplier for every athlete and sports club, both in the public and private sector, as well as all across the different levels of competition.

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